fileXray is a Mac OS X command-line application for analyzing, dissecting, monitoring, scavenging, and performing forensic investigation on HFS+ file system volumes. You could think of fileXray as software that makes hfsdebug feel like a toy program.

The following are only some of the things you can do with fileXray.

Reverse map volume storage—determine which file a given block or byte offset on a volume belongs to. Rapidly search for files using a variety of criteria—for example, do a plain old name search, find all ARM Mach-O executables, find all quarantined file system objects, find all hfs-compressed files, and so on. Analyze the volume journal—you can even “diff” journal blocks with their on-volume counterparts to better understand past file system activity.
Temporarily disable automatic mounting of volumes without modifying configuration files or stopping system daemons. Trawl a volume looking for blocks whose contents match a given pattern. Scavenge for deleted content—view potentially recoverable content as a virtual file system!
Access arbitrary byte ranges on a volume as on-the-fly virtual files—for exmaple, open 0x5000,65536.jpg to access 65,536 bytes from volume offset 0x5000. View all free extents on a volume as virtual files—a convenient way to identify and search the volume’s free space. Introspect a volume’s bit-level on-disk details—understand exactly what is going on under the hood of an HFS+ volume.
Examine, retrieve, decode, and checksum numerous kinds of metadata and data from a volume. Monitor and log real-time file system activity—see and understand what is happening on your system. Operate on a volume even if it is not mounted and in many cases, even if it is damaged and cannot be mounted.

 1.7M, 173 pages

For a comprehensive discussion of all fileXray features and capabilities, please refer to the fileXray User Guide and Reference, a freely available ebook you are strongly encouraged to look at before deciding to purchase fileXray.

You will see that fileXray can do things that no other built-in or third party software can do. Not only is fileXray an amazingly powerful tool in the right hands, it is also a great medium to help you develop those “right hands.” We are confident you will find fileXray to be must-have software especially if you are one or more of:

  • A Mac power user
  • A Mac system administrator
  • A Mac software developer
  • A professional engaged in computer forensics involving HFS+ volumes
  • A professional dealing with the file system aspects of Mac security
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Before buying, please note that fileXray is command-line software—you use it from the Terminal rather than through a graphical user interface.
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License Personal-Use License for individuals; single-user multiple-installation license that permits use by one user on any number of personal computers in the same household; does not permit use by businesses, agencies, or any type of organizations Professional-Use License; single-user single-installation license that permits use by one user on one physical computer; permits use by businesses, agencies, and organizations; customized licensing terms also available
Requirements Mac OS X 10.5 or later
Architecture Universal software; includes 64-bit Intel, 32-bit Intel, and 32-bit PowerPC executables